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20 Reasons to Visit South Africa

If you want an all in one first class wildlife, lodging, dining and guiding experience at real value forw money, then no other country even remotely compares to what South Africa offers, and that’s the honest truth! Here are 20 reasons (there are many more) on why you should plan your next trip to South Africa:
1) Great climate
Generally, South Africa is a very sunny country, with many areas experiencing over 300 sunny days per year! Even during the winter months, the climate is warm and inviting in some areas. Northern Hemisphere winters are the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine that South Africa has to offer – in abundance!

2) Rich history
Even if you’re not into history, it’s very hard not to be intrigued by the journey that this country has taken. Most famously the global icon and hero Nelson Mandela is remembered as one of the world’s greatest freedom fighters for the struggle against apartheid and uniting a divided nation after becoming President in 1994.
The Cape of Good Hope was the point for every European explorer to get around in order to get the East in the 15th century. This is where the British and Dutch arrived and added to the history of Southern Africa.
The migrant workers shipped in from India by the British and the Indonesians exiled here by the Dutch gave rise to the first seeds of Islam on this part of the continent.

3) Superb beaches
Beaches are one of South Africa’s big highlights. Cape Town, Durban, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, and other major coastal cities offer beautiful beaches perfect for relaxation and watersports.

4) The people
South Africa’s ethnicity is a unique blend of many people descending from African, Asian, and European groups – best described as the “Rainbow Nation.” Some of the major groups are the Zulus and Xhosa, Afrikaners of Dutch descent, whites of British ancestry, and large groups with Indian roots. South Africans are a friendly lot who are welcoming and hospitable!

5) Biodiversity
South Africa’s scenic wonders are legendary. From Table Mountain to God’s Window, our mountains, forests, coasts and deserts will sooth your soul and delight you.
Even though South Africa has less than 1% of the world’s land surface, it has 6% of the world’s known mammal and reptile species and 10% of the world’s plant, fish, and bird species!
In the world there are a total of six different floral kingdoms, one of which is located completely in South Africa!( The Cape Floral Kingdom) Table Mountain alone, located in the heart of this kingdom, boasts over 1500 plant species, which are more plant types than you will find in the entire area of Great Britain!



6) Easy Access
South Africa is very easily accessible to travellers from any part of the world. The world class international airports of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban each have daily connections to major international destinations meaning that you have a choice of flights and times to choose from!



7) Language
South Africa has eleven official languages, one of which is English and is spoken by nearly everybody. Tours are facilitated in the languages of traveler as far as possible!

8) Diverse experiences
South Africa has a rare mix of spectacular scenery, mountains and waterfalls, forests, long stretches of coastline, rivers, a vast array of wildlife, modern development, African culture – leaving you spoilt for choice! Explore, be inspired or just relax – it’s up to you!

9) Untamed Wildlife
The Kruger National Park is one of the oldest established game reserve in Africa where you get the rare chance to observe lions, elephants, rhino, cheetahs and all the other animals, birds, and reptiles for which Africa is famous in a natural habitat. The Kruger Park covers nearly 8,000 square miles and boasts an incredible array of species (147 types of mammals, 507 types of birds, 114 different reptiles, 336 species of trees, 34 kinds of amphibians, and 49 types of fish) that are sure to leave you in awe.
Miss the sunset over the Kruger Park and you would have missed out on one of life’s great moments!
You can sail next to a whale, take a cage-dive with Great White sharks, indulge yourself with penguins, ride on an ostrich or feed a giraffe – only in South Africa!

10) Value for money
A very important reason to visit South Africa as the South African Rand is weak in comparison to the British Pound, the US dollar and the Euro. With such a strong currency conversion you can experience all the best that South Africa has to offer without spending as much as you would in another more expensive part of the world. With the modern financial infrastructure, Visa and Mastercard are accepted widely and ATM’s (cash machines) are available wherever you go, never leaving you short of cash!
Not only can you have an affordable holiday, but you can even afford luxury and have spending money for shopping and other treats!


11) World-class facilities
International airports, graded accommodation and a network of national highways and roads that make for beautiful driving tours, South Africa is the only country that has hosted the Cricket World Cup, the FIFA World Cup and the Rugby World Cup – all successfully!

12) Adventure
With plenty of sunshine, perhaps hike to the top of Table Mountain or go horseriding in the Drakensberg Mountains? Why not do a cage-dive with great white sharks or watch whales in Hermanus? Try paragliding over Cape Town’s beaches or taking a walking safari in the Kruger? There’s so much to do that you won’t have a dull moment – guaranteed!

13) Johannesburg
The economic powerhouse of Africa, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and the largest city in the world not located by a river, ocean or lake. An interesting fact is that it also has 10 million trees and is home to the biggest man made forest in the world. The city of gold (gold was discovered here in the 1800’s) is also famous for great variety of food due to the melting poit of ethnicities that you find here today. Along with the great shopping available, it is also home to the continents biggest airport and is where many people begin their trips in South Africa. Johannesburg played a key role in the struggle for freedom during apartheid.

14) Cape Town
One of three capital cities in South Africa, this seaside city is beautiful and picturesque with a great backdrop of the famous and stunning Table Mountain National Park. South Africa’s top tourist destination has lots of beautiful coast lines and beaches nearby, many whale watching tours, amazing scenery, and it has a walkable waterfront area with tons of great restaurants and shopping and more. Just offshore lies Robben Island, the old jail where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were held during apartheid. Tourists flock to this magnetic site for a glimpse of history.
The city is bustling, the atmosphere is exciting, and the activities and entertainment this city offers are limitless. Cape Town is a city that you simply must experience!

15) Durban
Located on the warm Indian ocean, the port city of Durban ranks as the third largest city in South Africa and boasts 320 days of sunshine a year! Scenic beaches attract vacation-goers, while nearby battlefield sites of the Anglo-Zulu and Anglo-Boer wars provide some historical perspective for visitors. Home to the Zulu kingdom, Durban is also home to the largest Indian community outside of India.

16) Food
South African cuisine has a lot of flavours – both influenced by Asian and Eurpoean tastes. Meat disdhes are commonplace and the quality is among the best in the world. South Africans love a “braai” (barbecue) and many gatherings are based around braais. The water quality is among the cleanest in the world. The tastiest tropical fruits are in abundance during the warmer months. There is national halaal certification and many establishments serve high quality halaal food. Send your taste buds on a journey of discovery with mouth-watering South African flavours!



17) Family Friendly
Beaches, safaris, water sports, holiday resorts and more! South Africa has loads of child-friendly accommodation and lots of great options for a fun filled family holidays and within every destination.
18) Responsible Tourism
In South Africa you can travel with care as you stay green by exploring our protected areas, recycle and contribute to social and conservation projects.



19) Indulge your senses
Calming treatments, soothing therapies, scented traditional balms made with indigenous oils and ingredients will have you stress-free and feeling like African royalty in no time. And without a major dent to your budget either!


20) Garden Route
The Garden Route is one of the most beautiful and scenic stretches of land in South Africa, if not the world. Majestic mountains, spectacular views, valleys, lakes, rivers and forests, it has long stretches of beautiful, sandy beaches with lots to do and explore. A slice of heaven indeed!


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